Fin Walker

The website is still under construction. I'm still collating images, text and videos for Walker dance park Music.

I am a director, choreographer and educator investigating ‘human behaviour’ and how past experiences impact the present. I explore this through my creative work and my teaching.

Working with the moving expressive body of the performer my aim is to communicate to an audience the visceral, sensual resonance of what it means to be an emotional being through movement, story and words.

To better understand the energetic body and the interplay between thoughts, body, emotions and spirit I have studied numerous somatic practices as well as Energy Healing and Core Somatics - more widely known as body psychotherapy. I am a qualified Energy Healer.

My work is devised in collaboration with other artists, creating live performance and film.

I also work in theatre, opera, commercials & television. 

Presently I am working on Macbeth. It has been a long standing research project that is coming to fruition 2020 & 2021.